Low-Carb Curious? Here are our Top 8 Items to help you.

Low-Carb Curious? Here are our Top 8 Items to help you.

Are You Low-Carb Curious?

Low carb, Keto-forward and Paleo diets can be incredible ways to recalibrate, get into your healthy weight zone, generally improve your health markers, and limit empty foods that offer very little nutrition.

Anything under 100–150 grams per day is generally considered low carb (and keep lowering that number to achieve ketosis). Even if you’re not keen on a Keto lifestyle, reducing carbs can give your diet the space to focus on foods that bring and burn the fuel. Instead of loading up with carbs through breads, pasta, starchy vegetables and fruit, you get to focus on protein-rich whole foods. Studies have also shown it can assist with lowering your risk of Type Two Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome.

Feels like something we should all be paying attention to every now and then at least, however a Keto-forward or low-carb lifestyle can often be hard to sustain.

Who isn’t tempted by that fabulous Khao Soi or Vodka Pasta!?

Even worse, often we are consuming items that we believe are complementary to lowering our carb intake, but instead are contributing to it.


We have created a small road map of low-carb and Keto-forward things we love to help you along this carb-luring road, so you can stick to your plan and have a fantastic and well-balanced time whilst doing it.

Here are our Top 8 that help you maintain a sustainable low-carb diet whilst enjoying life!

1. Eatogoloy

Eatogoloy is a platform designed by Chef Vincent Leroux and a team of nutritionists, that brings you exquisite meals to make achieving your health goals tasty and easy. They have some amazing Keto-focused meal plans including the Keto Diet Light. A great tester plan for those who want to trial low-carb but without the intense restrictions that come with a pure Keto diet. Best of all, they deliver it all direct to you.

Carb-free meal offered by Eatology

2. The Cakery

The Cakery means you can have your low-carb cake and eat it too! This incredible HK business is focused on creating artisanal-level delights for a healthier and fitter life. Check out this gorgeous Chocolate Indulgence cake that is Keto-friendly. There are also some other options like the delightful Blueberry Mini Keto Cheesecake and the exquisite Nausica.

A sumptuous chocolate cake.

3. Not Rice Kafé

Still wanting to eat Asian-style dishes whist low-carb? It’s a tad hard, as our friend Zoe Li Tse-wai, a nutrition coach and personal trainer highlights: “Condiments like soy sauce and oyster sauce have hidden sugars in them and are regularly used in Chinese cuisine, which could trip over strict keto dieters looking to limit their carbohydrate intake.” Solution: check out Not Rice Kafé that curates meals ideal for the keto diet. They have healthy, low-carb “rice” made of cauliflower, king oyster mushroom, and quinoa.

French Blue shopfront to Not Rice Kafe.

4. Zoe the Keto Coach

Speaking of the renowned Zoe, you would be hard-pressed to meet a better advocate, source of information, or trainer to help you along your path to reducing carbs. She has a YouTube channel, Instagram accounts and more to serve you up loads of helpful information on how to thrive on a Keto diet. She is a Certified Dr. Eric Berg’s Keto Coach and even has her own gym you can join: Zomate Fitness.

Fit and healthy Zoe Li in her gym, Zomate. Smiling with hands crossed across her chest in active wear.

5. Keto Cookbook For Beginners

Obviously eating out all the time is unsustainable, so learning to create low-carb meals at home is a must. Order “Keto Cookbook For Beginners: 1000 Recipes For Quick & Easy Low-Carb Homemade Cooking.” It “provides the means to empower everyone to develop a customizable approach plan, offering many options while dealing with the limitations of the standard ketogenic diet.” It’s framed as “fool-proof” which is why it’s on our shelf!

Cover of Keto Cookbook for Beginners.

6. Sunny Keto Cheat Sheet

While you’re online, grab these wonderful cheat-magnets: SunnyKeto Keto Diet Cheat Sheet Quick Guide. It’s a set of four fridge magnets that have 56 ingredients with all the info you need to stay on track right there before your hands reach for the bagels.

No alt text provided for this image

7. The Keto Store

The Keto Store has it all! (How are we not hired for jingles!?) With an online store stocking all things Keto and low-carb, this is your one-stop shop for drinks, treats, and staples. Order $250 worth of groceries and you are eligible for free delivery. 

Multi-Colours tubs of Wow Zero icec ream stacked up

8. Dragon Water Spiked Seltzer

Finally, our favourite! Dragon Water Spiked Seltzer.

Not having a refreshing, crisp drink after work on Friday was always a deal breaker for us with a low-carb diet. So, we invented Dragon Water: a refreshing alcoholic soda water drenched in fruity and botanical flavours.

Dragon Water is sugar free, gluten free, 4.5% ABV, and only 95 calories. A healthier alternative to beers, wines and sugary cocktails, Dragon Water is the perfect keto-forward and low-carb focused drink so you can keep having fun, being social, and staying focused on your wellness in a sustainable way. 

We have four flagship flavours (Lemongrass Lime, Cucumber Watermelon, Black Raspberry and Yuko Ginger) as well as two Limited Edition seasonals (Peach Blossom and Lychee Mochi). You can order online with free delivery to most areas or you can reach out to us here and we can connect you to our sales team.

Four colourful cans of different Dragon Water Spiked Seltzer flavours lined up on the sand, surrounded by rope and a buoy.

There are so many incredible was to remain health or achieve better wellness. We hope this helps you down the path of one way.

Cheers to being healthier, fitter, less carb-ier (if that's your thing) and to having great drinks with friends.


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