Our Top 10 Hong Kong Craft Beverages Hit-List

Our Top 10 Hong Kong Craft Beverages Hit-List

Hong Kong is a city of vibrant culture and unique flavours, and it's no surprise that its craft beverage scene is just as impressive. Whether you're a local or a visitor, keen on a light buzz or alcohol-free sipping, there's no shortage of delicious and refreshing drinks to discover. 

From tea-infused cocktails to spiked seltzer to artisanal beers, we've compiled a list of 10 incredible craft-champions that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Let's go!

1. Taboocha

Taboocha is a Hong Kong-based maker that produces a range of delicious kombucha drinks. Unlike many imported brands, Taboocha is made with love by true locals who create with unique flavours like Snow Chrysanthemum and Shiso Watermelon Green Tea, Taboocha is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Bottle of Taboocha kombucha on a bench

If you drink beer in Hong Kong, you know Young Master. But did you know they also offer 500ml crawlers? Their Chungking Espresso kicks you in the right mood: a barrel aged imperial stout with coffee added, it's round, dense, decadent, and full of rich, nutty, and roasty flavours of dark malts, chocolate, and coffee. Slurp!

Guy throwing back a crawler of Young Master craft beer
Black Kite Brewery is a craft beer company that takes inspiration from Hong Kong's culture and heritage. Their name comes from the familiar bird that is often seen soaring amongst Hong Kong's skyscrapers and their beers, which feature unique flavours and aromas, are brewed using traditional methods and local ingredients. Check out their alcohol free sparkling Hop Water which features a modern American hop, Azacca with with lychee and citrus notes.
Can of Hop Water from Black Kite Brewery, sitting on a bench
For something a bit more traditional, try Ming Cha Tea House's Red Jade Iced Tea. Made with locally-sourced tea leaves, this iced tea is brewed to perfection, with a rich and complex flavour that's both refreshing and satisfying. It's the perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day.
Chinese tea set gift box from Ming Cha Tea
While sake is traditionally associated with Japan, Hong Kong has a thriving sake scene as well - and even brews their own! Newly released Yuedo isn’t just a producer of awesome rice wine, but is also a creative agency dedicated to innovative local agricultural projects, some of which are used in their own sake. Definitely worth a try.
Two bottles of sake along with glasses placed on a table
This family-run brewery has been operating in Hong Kong since 2016. They brew a variety of traditional and experimental styles with the aim to make a craft beer community, and to fight against the encroachment of corporate beer on craft by showing what real craft is. They have brewery tours which is amazing, and a cool taproom on Lamma called The Beer Shack –100% worth the visit!
Yardley Brothers beer taps, pouring a beer

Did you know It’s really, really hard to get a distilling licence in Hong Kong? According to afoodieworld, for Two Moons: “it [was] a long, frustrating, expensive road, with no road map. It took Two Moons over two years for their licence to be approved." But, when you are as passionate as the founders of Two Moons and you happen to own a gorgeous copper still fondly named: Luna, it’s worth it. Their Trio Tasting Set is a perfect entry-point and includes their Signature Dry Gin, Five Flowers Tea Gin, and Calamansi Gin.

Two Moons Distillery gin tasting set in box with coaster

8.  Heroes Beer Co.

Heroes Beer Co. is another local craft brewery that has made a name for itself in Hong Kong. Their beers are inspired by Hong Kong's vibrant culture and history, with unique conecpts like Hangry Donut, and Citrine and Embarrassador. If you like fun, and want to be part of a creative platform built for beer, this is your place.

Brightly illustrated can of Heroes craft beer 

9. Carbon Brews

Carbon Brews is known for its innovative and experimental beers. From hoppy IPAs to fruity sours, their range of brews is sure to tease your taste buds. They have incredible design and aesthetic to each of their cans and also have an amazing tap room in Central where you can sample all their exotic, curious, fantastical and delicious brews. Even better? They now own and brew in the brewery we built! Keepin' it in the family. Which is an awesome segue way…see what I did there?

Colourful can of Carbon Brew craft beer on an illustrated background

10. Double Haven Brewing

Last but not least, us! 

Double Haven is a craft brand that cares. They not only produce some of the most delicious beers in Hong Kong and HK’s first ever spiked seltzer - Dragon Water, but the most unique part of Double Haven drinks is that they are intended to bring people outdoors, into the sun, onto the trails, and amongst mates. 

So, all their drinks are crafted to be refreshing, accessible to starter-crafters, and the ultimate reward at the end of a race or day at the beach. They are committed to using their business as a platform for good. They are the first beverage company to be members of 1% For The Planet and give back to local community organisations, initiatives and teams with their partnership program. 

Double Haven craft beers and spiked seltzers are a great choice for those who care about the environment and supporting local community – oh, and incredible quality and taste. O.K, we are bias, but it’s easy because it’s also true!

      Can of Dragon Water Spiked Seltzer on the shoreline with a wave splashing around it


      So there you have it, our HK craft hit-list! There are so many incredible crafted beverages not only founded but actually made in Hong Kong. 

      There are so may wonderful craft creators supporting the local community and each other, and pushing the scene to keep creating innovative drinks. 

      Hong Kong's beverage scene is truly one-of-a-kind. So, next time you're in the city or want to explore something new, be sure to try a few of these delicious, innovative and refreshing options.


      From Leigh & Scott

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